Photo: Anna Webber

Photo: Anna Webber

Shayna Steele 

Watch Me Fly 


April 26, 2019

One of the greatest singing sensations of our time, known from recordings with Snarky 

Puppy and Moby and a host of other stars, Shayna Steele takes flight on her third 

album, “Watch Me Fly”. Offering six self-penned originals and four select classics 

ranging from Soul via Blues and Gospel and easily crossing over to retro R&B and Jazz, 

showcasing Shayna Steele’s supremely soulful energy, as well as her mind blowing vocal 

artistry and songwriting skills. 

“I am outrageous, larger than life” are the first words on Shayna Steele’s new album. The 

few notes she sings to voice them in the aptly named song “Be” already make it clear that 

this is not braggadocio, but a fact. The singer, born in California and raised in Mississippi, 

who as a self-proclaimed “American Air Force brat” grew up all over the world, but lives 

and thrives in New York, not only has a charismatic, charming and truly unique voice, but 

also plenty of technique and the vocal strength of a volcano. Shayna has performed with 

the likes of Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Bette Midler and Steely Dan as a sought after 

background vocalist. Shayna made the decision that being in the background was not an 

option anymore and has been touring regularly as a featured vocalist with Grammy Award 

winning trumpeter, Chris Botti, was a featured vocalist on Snarky Puppy’s “Family Dinner” 

and reached #1 on the Dance Billboard charts as a featured vocalist on Moby’s “Disco Lies.” 

Saying Shayna is ready to step out on her own would be a major understatement. 

“Watch me Fly”, produced by David Cook, Shayna’s co-writer/partner/producer/MD was 

recorded as a concerted effort with her tried and trusted band at Dreamland Studios, a 

converted church near Woodstock, in September 2018. The ten songs range from dynamite, 

Gospel drenched Soul and “R&B” as in “Be”, “Shadow” or the title track, via the supersensual 

hymn “Treat me Good” or the uplifting and upbeat Gospel emotion of “Wash me 

Over” on to a sensationally emotional version of the Blues ballad “Life Goes On” by Big 

Mama Thornton or jazzy/funky readings of Michael Jackson’s “Baby Be Mine”, one of two 

“non-single” tracks from “Thriller”, and “Secret Love”, once a hit for Doris Day. The final 

song and the icing on this musical cake is “Home”, as beautiful and emotional as it is 

autobiographic. “I grew up all over the world”, Shayna explains in her liner notes. “It was 

hard to call any place home for most of my life… but it was my time in Biloxi that really 

shaped me into the person I am. I struggled with the lack of access to different cultures, 

but I found the silver lining through music and performance. I was a bit of an outcast, 

coming from a bi-racial family, living in Mississippi, where the races pretty much 

segregated themselves… I didn’t belong. But when I go home to visit, the community is so 

welcoming and proud of my accomplishments. I get that 'Mississippi hospitality' and I 

wanted to write them an anthem… to let them know how important they were to me.” 

Schooled in Jazz by her Godfather, self-taught and guided by her musician father and 

educated in Gospel by her choir director, the Grammy-nominated Michael McElroy, Shayna 

Steele dove headfirst into music in her teens, entering (and winning) several pageants and 

talent shows, including an appearance on Ed McMahon's Star Search at the tender age of 15 

(she came in 2nd by a 1/2 star). "I never really felt 'grounded' until I moved to NYC”, she 

says. “It was then that I really opened up to different genres of music." Shayna began to 

develop her sound, blending new influences, from Ledisi to Rachelle Farrell, with her 

childhood icons Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and the Temptations. 

Having released an EP and two full length albums by now, she continues to tour extensively 

with her band, as well as appearing as a special guest vocalist with jazz big bands 

throughout Europe and the U.S. In 2017, Shayna took on another title of “symphony 

soloist” performing with Symphony Pops Orchestras throughout North America such as the 

Dallas Symphony, Detroit Symphony and the Long Beach Symphony to name a few. 

“Watch me Fly” in all its soulful diversity is as much a showcase for Shayna’s overwhelming 

musical powers, as it is a statement. “I hope you’ll listen to it in its entirety like we all did 

as kids”, she says. “I remember those times I memorized an album, track for track like 

“Purple Rain”, “Thriller” and Whitney Houston’s debut album. Everybody is so hung up on 

singles and hits and I’m hung up on the musical journey to really know what an artist is 

going through during the making of an album. I hope you will go on this journey with me.”